The benefits of KIDS learning to RIDE Aside from the obvious benefits of good physical exercise in the great outdoors, horse riding installs many other intrinsic qualities in our kids, including:- A life long love of horses that brings different rewards at different stages of childhood An inspiring and positive reason to keep active Good co-ordination and balance skills Improved social skills Confidence – learning to ride and care for an animal that’s twice their size can really empower children Responsibility – taking care of horses, feeding them and keeping them healthy teaches children about caring for others. It’s also an effective form of release – being in the great outdoors will enhance your CHILDS sense of happiness, help them to feel less stressed with a general feeling of well-being. Experienced riders also talk about the freedom the sport provides and that there’s nothing more exhilarating or rewarding than riding a horse in the great outdoors. Contact Us today on 087 135 1006 or mobile 27 (81) 8770980 or email #horseridinglesson #horses #beachrides #portelizabeth #southafrica

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